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Kids Afterschool Fun in Cuba

    There are no PlayStation or Nintendo here! Cuban kids get their kicks the old-fashioned way, diving into perilous rocky shores while munching on a freshly cooked corn cob!

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CubaCEL Cuba Mobile Phone Service Cuba

CubaCEL is Cuba’s Rogers or AT&T. You can get a local mobile number here and SIM Card top-ups. Fortunately these days most places sell top-up cards but don’t buy them on the street or you may find you’ve gotten zero credit! If you do find them on the street tell the vendor you want to […]

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Catamaran Cruises in Cuba

Catamaran Cruise in Cuba – Excellent weather, calm seas, lush coral seabed’s and your undoubted party mood make a Catamaran Seafari (as they’re known in Cuba) an excellent day excursion. Efficient cruise tours take you to places like Cayo Blanco in Varadero or even to adjacent islands in Jardines del Rey and from Cayo Largo too! […]

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Cuban Reggaeton Music

Feeling out of touch with Cuban Music ? Cuban Reggaeton star Candyman is all the rage amongst Cuban teenagers. His intoxicating beats and banging rhythms will definitely be heard while you’re on vacation in Cuba. Tip – Grab a CD because getting Cuban music from iTunes or other digital music download sites is nigh on […]

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Cuban Souvenirs Made in Cuba

Made in Cuba – Yes, nothing made in China here. All Cuban street and beach vendors make everything by hand, employing the patience and time to make every Cuban Souvenir a true one-off. They may look the same but they’re not, every item was painstakingly handcrafted by master artisans.


Perfume Sales in Cuba Suchel Camacho

    Suchel Camacho perfume is Cuba’s version of Chanel or Ralph Lauren. Not at all bad, getting a bottle of this will set you back 10-15 cuc. While it may not compete with your top-shelf perfumes, it’s nice to wear on special occasions to remind your partner of the (fun?) times in Cuba.

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Old Books for sale in Cuba

Cuba is a treasure trove for old book fanatics. Every day, markets across our country display vintage books better described as museum quality literature. If you’re looking for the original version of Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea or maybe Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream comedy, or for that matter any classic literature, then you […]

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Carnival in Santiago de Cuba

Carnival in Santiago de Cuba – Arguably Cuba’s most extravagant Carnival, each year rivalry for the top spot against Havana and Remedios makes every Carnival more extravagant than the last. Usually held mid July it turns Cuba’s second largest city into the heated capital of dance and street parties.

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