Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Cuba

harley davidson motorcycles cuba

Harley Davidson Motorcycles in Cuba – If you’re into classic Harleys, Cuba has something in store for you. Every Saturday evening the Harley Club of Havana or, as they call themselves, Harlistas Cubanos, meet at the La Piragua intersection below the Hotel Nacional on the Havana Malecon. Heading over there from 4pm onwards will treat you to some beautifully restored vintage Harleys from the 1940 and 50s but, more importantly, their pleasant owners are a true delight to be around. They’ll assist with photos and let kids sit on their machines. Overall they’re a great bunch of guys (and girls actually) who are extremely proud of their bikes. Once considered an emblem of United States Imperialism, these motorcycles were rarely seen on Cuban roads. Fortunately, these days their owners proudly display their machines to everyone. Over past few years, there’s even been a Vintage Harley Davidson rally which takes place in February and features a get-together in Varadero, 120KM (75 miles) from Havana.