Cuban Ballet

Cuban ballet

Meet Laura Rodriguez from the Camaguey Ballet Society. Her dexterity is put to good use here to demonstrate Cuba’s narrowest street to be found in Camaguey. Ballet is extremely popular in Cuba and their main star, now retired, is Alicia Alonso who is featured alongside other famous Cubans on

Lada Cars in Cuba


Ok. We know you want one! but we can only offer you a ride in this odd Lada chop-job. The owner was a sheet metal worker by trade before becoming a taxidriver. Lada Cars are everywhere in Cuba. The reason for this is that the Soviet Union and Cuba were strong trading partners until the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s. Although the Lada is over 30 years old now, its one of the newest cars on Cuban roads. The owner of this one was very creative…

Guantanamo Cuba Tourism


Things move reaaal slow once you get outside our major cities in places like Guantanamo. Come and slow that pace of life, relax and enjoy Cuba! This photo was taken in

Havana Cuba Tourism


Havana Capital Building at night, what a delight! Recently restored, sections of the building are now finished and returned to their original splendor. Havana is the centerpiece of everything Cuba represents and a popular destination for travelers to our island. Will you come to get those first shots of a rejuvenated Capitolio Havana?

Hatuey Taino Indian Cuba


Hatuey a Taino Indian was feared by the colonizers of the Americas. His brutal attacks on the Europeans who were invading his territory are stuff of legends. You´ll see his face all over Cuba because he’s a national hero too! Learn more about the Taino Indians at

Guama Cuba Tourism


Guama is the lake district of Cuba. There’s a whole ecotourism center here with individual thatched homes on each tiny island. How about spending a night or two in when you come to Cuba?

Granma Cuba Tourism


What a coincidence! We took this photo in Granma Cuba and the gentleman pictured is ready the national newspaper also called Granma. Visit now to learn about this historic city.

Cayo Saetia Cuba Tourism

Cayo Saetia

Nope this is not the Serengeti its Cayo Saetia in Cuba! This unusual island was once an African style game reserve. These animals imported to Cuba in the 1960s seem to have liked there new habitat because they’ve multiplied in massive numbers and are literally everywhere! Take a look!

Escambray Mountains Cuba

Escambray Cuba

Our Escambray Mountains are a vibrant jungles punctuated by soaring peaks and Cuba’s highest mountain Pico Turquino. But, when you come to explore Cuba and visit these regions you´ll realize why our public transport in these parts are these six wheel drive trucks! Visit Cuba’s mountain region now

Guardalavaca Cuba Tourism


Guardalavaca means Guard the Cow. We´d probably prefer to have called it guard the hammocks but, it’s too late! Find out how you can relax yourselves on these at