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Cuban Perfume Giselle by Suchel Camacho

Want some of Cuba’s hottest and most fashionable Cuban Perfume to take home? The new Giselle perfume for women by Cuba’s Suchel Camacho costs just 15 CUC and will make a great smelling reminder of your lazy days in Cuba and your unforgettable vacation. Tip – The hottest Cuban Perfume at the moment is called […]

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Perfume Sales in Cuba Suchel Camacho

    Suchel Camacho perfume is Cuba’s version of Chanel or Ralph Lauren. Not at all bad, getting a bottle of this will set you back 10-15 cuc. While it may not compete with your top-shelf perfumes, it’s nice to wear on special occasions to remind your partner of the (fun?) times in Cuba.

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