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Santiago de Cuba | Los chicos del Oro Negro

Los chicos del Oro Negro are street entertainers located in Santiago de Cuba. They’re usually to be found on the main city Cespedes square throughout the day. They’ll happily pose for photos and carry our elaborate mimes with their odd matt black attire.

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Rice and Black Beans Cuba Frijoles

Rice and Black Beans is Cuba! – Yes, if you haven’t eaten this national dish called Arroz con Frijoles yet it’s because you haven’t yet visited Cuba. Why? Well because just about every single meal in Cuba includes this delicious blend of carbohydrates and bean protein. In order to get the thick sauce the Cuban […]

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Taxis in Cuba

    Cuban Taxi Drivers at home for a mid afternoon snooze. When these guys are back at work you can get one of these local taxis, usually with other Cubans doing the same for cents on the dollar. Unlike the heavily restored vehicles circulating around major tourist hubs, these local taxis usually take fares […]

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Platano Frito Cuban Fried Banana

Platano Frito or Fried Banana is a popular Cuban dish accompanying any meal. Quick and nutritious, it is normally prepared with un-ripened bananas. Sadly only really featured on specialist Cuban nights at All Inclusive hotels, we wholeheartedly say – Bring us the Platano Frito!

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Mountain Biking in Cuba

  Mountain Biking in Cuba – Of course you can mountain bike in numerous places around the island but the Escambray Mountains are probably the best place if you want to fully enjoy these extreme sports. Tours available which include Mountain Bikes and set courses around Cuba. Get more info about

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Spearfishing in Cuba

Look at that catch! Harpoon and spearfishing in Cuba are very popular amongst local Cubans. While it’s extremely hard to obtain the equipment while on vacation in Cuba, some specialist dive centers do have them. Don’t be surprised to see Cubans walking back from beaches in Cienfuegos, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba etc. with monstrous catches such […]

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Dulce de Guayaba Cuba

  Dulce de Guayaba is our Guava fruit specialty. Made into blocks using condensed guava pulps it’s usually served with cheese as an after dinner desert. However, as a quick Red Bull beating energy pickup it’s great to quell those hunger pangs as you visit “just this last museum or monument dear…” !

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Vintage Camera Sales in Cuba

  Are you into photography? Cuba’s numerous flea markets offer some of the old vintage relics you won’t usually find anywhere else than eBay. Old Camera classics like concertina Kodak’s or 40s Leica´s are abundant on these open-air stalls. Maybe you’re searching for something as an ornament or something that actually works! Either will be […]

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Travel Souvenirs from Cuba

Souvenirs from Cuba are high on every visitors list. Nevertheless, few people know that 99% of all souvenirs sold by vendors such as this one, who parade up and down the beach, are all handmade in Cuba. Not a single item being sold will have come from anywhere else. No Chinese made Cuban souvenirs here!

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Cuban Perfume Giselle by Suchel Camacho

Want some of Cuba’s hottest and most fashionable Cuban Perfume to take home? The new Giselle perfume for women by Cuba’s Suchel Camacho costs just 15 CUC and will make a great smelling reminder of your lazy days in Cuba and your unforgettable vacation. Tip – The hottest Cuban Perfume at the moment is called […]

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