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The Cuban Sandwich

    Hmmm the Cuban Sandwich – Our bread is different, our meats are different and we´re different! Now try these delicious Cuban Sandwiches available on each street corner with the customary; cheese, cured ham, mustard, ketchup and of course, the “pepinillo” pickled gherkin.

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Photography in Cuba

Need some original Cuban holiday snaps? Our people are always on hand whenever needed to spice up your shot! Nestle yourself between these two and fire away! Everywhere is a photographers dream in Cuba. Cuban Streets and people are amazing photo opportunities. These improbable film extras are normal people found hanging around in Old Havana, […]

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TuKola Cuban Coca Cola

TuKola Cuba’s preeminent CocaCola substitute. Coca Cola, being an American soft drink has a hard time finding its way to Cuba. An American made Original Coca Cola is sometimes available at certain specialist stores but Tu Kola is the Cuban version sold everywhere. A little sweeter than Coke it compares better to the ill-fated “new […]

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Cuban Food Tamales

The Tamal is a Cuban favorite – You’ll see these odd corn leaf wrapped meals for sale all over our country. Inside is a mixture of milled corn, red pepper, garlic (not much) and pork. Some are available with beef but the regular version is with pork rind. Cuban Tamales are quick meals popular with […]

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Swim with Dolphins in Cuba

Swim with Dolphins in Cuba – One of the most desirable attractions available at many of our resorts is the opportunity to visit our Dolphin parks and swim with these graceful creatures. Some tourists even learn to be pushed along or propelled into the air by our well trained dolphins. The cost to swim with […]

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Cuban Guayabera Shirts

    The Cuban guayabera is a classic dress item but how about this patriotic twist on the theme? You’ll find garments such as these for sale at most flea markets around Cuba, always well made and using top-rate cloth.

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Currency and Money in Cuba

Cuba still has two parallel currencies. While talks are underway to abolish one of them, you’re still greeted with the conundrum of which is which. The usage is rather simple however. The Cuban peso on the right is used at local Cuban stores and it is the currency Cubans are paid their monthly salaries in. […]

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Baseball in Cuba

    Baseball in Cuba – Our national pastime should also be your next place to visit. Watching a baseball game will tell you more about our people than anything else can. Our love for the game, intensity and profound rivalry will tell you a thing or two about us.

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Women Riding Sidesaddle in Cuba

Back in the 1950s riding sidesaddle on a motorcycle was the norm for female “ladylike ” passengers. This habit remains popular in Cuba. As for the motorcycles on Cuban roads, besides the old Vintage Harleys there’s a strong following amongst young Cuban men to the eastern European MZ Motorcycles. These two stroke single cylinder bikes […]

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Gay Tourism in Cuba

  Gay Tourism in Cuba – Probably the most Gay friendly country, Cuba welcomes Gays with open arms. National Gay Rights activist Mariela Castro has brought to the forefront Cuba’s increasingly open gay relationships. Visit for specialized Gay Tourism Packages to Cuba

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