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Old Havana Cuba Tourism

Like the view of downtown Old Havana? Imagine this backdrop while sipping a Mojito or CubaLibre. Old Havana is the epitome of a Colonial city in the Caribbean. Amazing Buildings along with electrifying nightlife makes Old Havana a big hit with vacationers. Visit for a complete insight into Havana’s Old Town.

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Santiago de Cuba Tourism

Carnival in Santiago de Cuba – Arguably Cuba’s most extravagant Carnival, each year rivalry for the top spot against Havana and Remedios makes every Carnival more extravagant than the last. Usually held mid July it turns Cuba’s second largest city into the heated capital of dance and street parties. Get all the facts about

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Varadero Cuba Tourism

All About Cuba Varadero – How about a 1950s car tour of Varadero! Or maybe hop-on hop-off bus in Varadero? Varadero is located in the province of Matanzas along Cuba’s northern Coast about 120km from Havana. Learn more about now!

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Cayo Coco Cuba Tourism

All About Cuba Cayo Coco – The best place to really relax in Cuba. Kilometers of pristine white sand beaches and shallow warm Caribbean Sea. Cayo Coco is located in the Jardines del Rey archipelago on Cuba’s northern coast. Learn all about Cayo Coco before visiting now !

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Cayo Largo Cuba Tourism

This brings a whole new dimension to living on the beach, right? Villa Coral in would be happy to accommodate you. Come anytime, the weather never really changes in Cayo Largo Cuba

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Trinidad Cuba Tourism

Picture this – You’re tooling through Topes de Collantes above Trinidad Cuba in your vintage 50s automobile while absorbing the wildlife and rich jungle. You approach the next corner and shout stop to your driver! What you see is this immense view of the Valley of the Sugar mills, Colonial Trinidad and the Playa Ancon […]

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Pinar del Rio Cuba Tourism

Wow this country life is hard! Mom and Pop went in for a snooze, one sister fell asleep but the other is still wide wake! People from Pinar del Rio are considered the country rednecks of Cuba by other Cubans… The province features the world famous UNESCO site of Viñales Valley. Find out why […]

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Cayo Guillermo Cuba Tourism

Want some time alone while visiting Cayo Guillermo? Kids love these pony rides along the beach and through the waves. We take them through the mangroves to see our abundant wildlife and bring them back tired so they sleep tight. Cayo Guillermo is on the northern coast of Cuba in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago.  Find […]

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Guantanamo Cuba Tourism

Things move reaaal slow once you get outside our major cities in places like Guantanamo. Come and slow that pace of life, relax and enjoy Cuba! This photo was taken in

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Havana Cuba Tourism

Havana Capital Building at night, what a delight! Recently restored, sections of the building are now finished and returned to their original splendor. Havana is the centerpiece of everything Cuba represents and a popular destination for travelers to our island. Will you come to get those first shots of a rejuvenated Capitolio Havana?

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