Paladar Restaurants in Cuba

Paladar Dona Eutimia Habana Cuba Havanatur

Paladares in Cuba – These family owned and operated restaurants are now all over the country. Serving real homemade meals at low prices they’ve become extremely popular over the past decade. Finding a Paladar in Havana, Varadero or any Cuban city is now easy. However, due to the lack of national population on the Jardines del Rey Islands they don’t exist. Therefore, if you’re on vacation on say Cayo Coco or Cayo Guillermo etc. you’ll have to visit Caibarien, Ciego de Avila or Remedios to try a paladar. Whenever you visit a paladar you are helping Cuban entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership. This is far more significant than when you’re back home, primarily because it has only been a few years since Cubans have been able to own and operate their own businesses. Give them a try and feel the satisfaction of aiding Cubans with their autonomy and private businesses. See a complete list of towns and cities with Cuban Paladares.